About Nytrex Industries

Nytrex Industries, Inc. was incorporated in 1994. In the early years, Nytrex owned and operated a chain of car washes in Georgia.  However, through acquisition, Nytrex expanded it’s business into what it is today. Nytrex and it’s affiliated companies currently operate and support several industry sectors. Our business sectors include: Chemical Manufacturing, Toll Manufacturing (both liquid and powder), Hand Cleaner Formulation and Manufacturing, Car Wash Ownership and Management, Petroleum Wholesaler (Gasoline/Diesel), Convenience Store Retailing, and Property Development. At present, our companies employ approximately 75 people.   
Our chemical management staff of professionals have provided reliable products and dependable service to our customers for almost 30 years.  Nytrex Industries’ executive team of three have over 80 years of experience in the chemical, manufacturing, distribution and marketing business.
Our chemical plant is located in Macon, Georgia. Macon is located in the center of Georgia and is approximately 65 miles south of the Atlanta airport.   Our plant is a 40,000 square foot facility on 3.2 acres. We have the capacity to blend 55,775 gallons of liquid product at one time and mix 10,500 pounds of powered product at one time. We have 33 liquid mixing tanks and 6 powder blender mixing machines.  Our liquid raw material bulk holding tank capacity exceeds 58,500 gallons. Approximately, 1,000 square feet of our facility is dedicated to our laboratory and batch quality control area. Our current facility was originally engineered for chemical manufacturing in 2000, an emphasis is continually placed on maintaining our facility in a pristine an efficient operating condition. Our largest single blending tank has a 5,500 gallon capacity.
Our large production capacity an efficient plant design affords us many competitive advantages. These advantages transfer to our customers!
Our primary goals are: product quality, product innovation, product consistency and customer satisfaction. WE PROVIDE SOLUTIONS FOR INDUSTRY! We are here for you, so put our experience to work!