Q. How long has Nytrex Industries, Inc. been in business?
A. Nytrex Industries, Inc. was incorporated in 1994.  In the early years, Nytrex owned and operated a chain of car washes in Georgia.  However, through acquisition, Nytrex expanded its business into what it is today.  Nytrex and its affiliated companies currently operate and support several industry sectors.  Our business sectors include: Chemical Manufacturing, Toll Manufacturing (both liquid and powder), Hand Cleaner Formulation and Manufacturing, Car Wash Ownership and Management, Petroleum Wholesaler (Gasoline/Diesel), Convenience Store Retailing, and Property Development. At present, our companies employ approximately 75 people.

Q. How would you describe your your Chemical Manufacturing Facility?
A. Our Chemical Plant is located in Macon, Ga.  It’s a 40,000 square foot facility on 3.2 acres.   We have the capacity to blend 55,775 gallons of liquid product at one time and 10,000 pounds of powered product at one time. We have 33 liquid mixing tanks and 6 powder blender mixing machines.  Our liquid raw material bulk holding tank capacity exceeds 58,500 gallons.
Approximately, 1,000 square feet of our facility is dedicated to our laboratory and batch quality control area.  Our facility was originally engineered for chemical manufacturing in 2000, and emphasis is continually placed on maintaining our facility in a pristine and efficient operating condition.   

Q. What is the largest liquid product single batch that you can make at one time?
A. Our largest single blending tank has a 5,500 gallon capacity.

Q. Where is Macon, Ga?
A. Macon is located in the central part of the State of Georgia.  Macon is located approximately 65 miles south of the Atlanta airport.   We have two major interstates intersecting in Macon, I-75 and I-16.

Q. What is "Toll Blending"?
A. Toll Blending: This process involves chemical raw materials that are supplied by the customer and blended at Nytrex Industries plant, according to their specifications for a set fee or toll.

Q. Why should I consider having my products toll blended at Nytrex Industries?
A. If your company is currently manufacturing chemical products, Nytrex’s Toll Blending Services can benefit you in many ways including: reduced overhead and expenses; decrease liability associated with producing hazardous chemicals; relieved seasonal production capacity; decreased workers comp claims; lower insurance premiums; downsized under-utilized workforce;  improved quality and consistency; and ease regulatory concerns like DOT, EPA, and OSHA.

Q. What is "Private Labeling"?
A. Private Labeling: This process involves labeling, producing, and packaging our customer’s products at Nytrex’s manufacturing plant.   But, instead of using Nytrex’s product labels, we would use the customer's label, container, shipping papers, etc.

Q. How does Nytrex quote private labeling, toll blending and custom blending projects?
A. These projects are quoted on an individual basis.

Q. Does Nytrex sign confidentiality agreements?
A. Yes, we are happy to work with our customers in this regard.

Q. What “Product Line Names” do you currently ship under?
A. We ship under several Product Line Name including: Nytrex Industries, NitroChem, NitroGreen, Bad Boy Soap Company, Grease Buster, Grease Master, Mi Amigo, and others.    

Q. I'm interested in selling a particular product but do not have a formula, can Nytrex help?
A. Yes, Nytrex has thousands of formulas that can be modified to suit your specific needs.  Put out staff of experienced professionals to work for you.

Q. Does Nytrex sell to individuals?
A. No, Nytrex does not sell directly to “homeowners.”  We sell only to industrial users, distributors, chemical contractors and other resellers.

Q. I am currently using a product that is irritating to my employees. Can Nytrex formulate a safer alternative that is just as effective?
A. Yes, we can evaluate what is causing the problem and design a new product that addresses your specific concerns.

Q. I need technical support.  Does Nytrex have a chemist on staff?
A. Yes, we have a very experienced chemist on staff and a large, well-equipped laboratory on site. We pride ourselves on being able to answer customer's questions and resolve problems.

Q. My competitor is selling products that I am interested in selling, but I don’t have a formula for that product, can Nytrex help?
A. Yes, Nytrex has thousands of formulas that can be modified to suit your specific needs. Also, if you can provide us with a sample, a label and/or an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) on the product that you are interested in selling or using, Nytrex can perform a complete lab analysis for you and make recommendations based on the results.

Q. What industries does Nytrex Industries specialize in or sell to?
A. Nytrex specializes in developing custom chemical formulations that meet our customers’ or prospects’ needs in any industry with opportunities or specific needs; however, we have a special interest and considerable expertise in cleaning chemicals.

Q. How do I become a Nytrex distributor?
A. Simply give us a call and we can discuss the possibilities.

Q. I am currently selling a product to a customer in the Southeastern United States, but I am paying freight from the West Coast. Can Nytrex Industries act as my "East Coast facility" and drop-ship to my customer?
A. Yes we can.  We can make the product and label it with your identification and ship it for you, etc.

Q. How many in-house salesmen does Nytrex Industries have?
A. Nytrex doesn't have a large sales force because we work primarily through distributors or Sales Rep firms.  Our distributors know this and are confident that our sales people will not be calling on their customers directly.   

Q. I am involved with a Chemical Sales Rep Firm. Does Nytrex have opportunities that would be appropriate for our type business?
A. Probably yes.  We are always looking for qualified sales reps to bring our products and services to markets that we are currently not servicing.  If you are interested, please give us a call and we can discuss how we all can benefit from this relationship.

Q. Does Nytrex Industries have distributors outside of the U.S.?
A. Currently we do not have distributors outside the US, but we would be interested in discussing this potential with you.

Q. What paperwork do I need to submit prior to placing an order?
A. Just complete a few simple New Customer Forms and either fax, e-mail, or mail them back to us.

Q. Does Nytrex Industries accept credit cards?
A. Yes, for your convenience we accept all major credit cards including: Debit Cards, Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.

Q. Does Nytrex offer credit terms?
A. We are happy to review request for credit terms.

Q. Can I get credit terms on my first order?
A. Our policy is that all customers must pay for the first order by credit card, cash, company check (hold till clear), cashier check, or wire transfer.  Following the first order, if you would like credit terms, we are happy to consider your application.