Nytrex Opportunities

Thank you for considering joining our Nytrex Team. We have numerous opportunities available for association and partnership and some of these opportunities are included below. More than likely, if you are in contact with the public and you resell tangible items, your customers are buying CLEANING PRODUCTS. Whether it’s hand cleaners, degreasers, general purpose cleaners, vehicle washes, fragrances, etc., we have Best in Class products that you can use to increase your profits! Just give us a call to discuss any ideas that you may have concerning our products.

Truck Wash Business Customer: If your truck wash (RV Center) is looking for extra revenue and profits, why not resell some of our products to your truck wash customers? Your customers already know your products work, but we can private label these products for you and your customer then knows that there is only one place in the world where he/she can get your wash products, that’s at your Truck Wash Store. He comes back to your site time after time for a quality detail wash, but now, your customer can perform his own maintenance wash when he is between details or if he is just out of your geographic area.  
Distributor Status: You and your company can become an Authorized Distributor for our products. This status affords you and your company lead referrals, special pricing, marketing support and other perks associated with being an active Nytrex Industries, Inc. distributor. We want to help you grow your business!
Sales Rep Status: If you are a sales rep firm, we have a mutual opportunity to advance each other’s business. Our extensive line of quality cleaning products and industry specific chemical products can be tailored to meet the needs of the customers that you are meeting with every day.

Employed as a Nytrex Product Salesman: If you are a highly motivated person, and someone that strives for excellence, plus you are a people person that has some cleaning chemical experience, THEN, we need each other! We are always seeking Quality People for our companies. Best of all, as a Nytrex Product Salesman, you do not necessarily need to relocate.
Self-Employed as a Part-Time Nytrex Product Representative:   A good salesman never retires, they only may slow down a bit.  If you are a retired sales professional with experience in the Truck Wash Business, the Car Wash Business or the General Cleaning Chemical Industry and you are seeking to manage your own time and rekindle some previous business contacts, plus suppliment your existing income, then our Retired Professional Sales Program may be custom tailored just for you!.  
Please give us a call to discuss any of these opportunitities.