Nytrex Products

Welcome to our Catalog of Products
Nytrex produces over 350 products and most of our chemical products are produced for a specific cleaning purpose.  Product focus includes: Truck Wash Products, Car Wash Products, Industrial Degreaser Products, Hand Cleaning Products, plus Industry Specific Specialty Products, and more.  If it's a high performance chemical cleaning product that you desire, we are probably currently making it. 
This catalog contains brief descriptions of some of our more widely-used chemicals.  Because of our large repertoire of products, this catalog is merely representative of our product focus, as a complete product listing would be too cumbersome for practical use.  If you do not see what you are looking for in this catalog, please contact us.  If you are looking for a cleaning product, we probably are already making it, but just don’t have it listed.  WE PROVIDE SOLUTIONS FOR INDUSTRY.   
Our products are designed for use by the experienced professional user only.    For product use applications and instructions, always follow the recommended methods and procedures to ensure safe and effective results.  The formulas of our chemicals are generally complex and are all highly concentrated and are developed with the customer and their specific use in mind.  When produced, they contain high levels of active ingredients.  Almost all of our products have to be diluted to a useable strength and they must be handled by the informed professional user only.  We are aware of the importance of our formulation process and one of the cost factors in the production and distribution of our products is shipping. By producing highly concentrated chemicals, we reduce shipping costs and provide a quality product for our customers.
Our products are not designed for use by the general public; they are designed to be used by the trained professional and care should be taken to use them according to manufacturer’s standards and procedures for use.   

We produce a wide variety of specialty products that are not listed here. If you have a need for such a product that is not listed, please contact us. 

We also offer a broad range of TOLL MANUFACTURING and PRIVATE LABEL services.  Please contact us directly to discuss how we may work together to achieve your desired result.  Most of these proprietary products and processes are manufactured for a specific customer and are not available to other customers. We do not sell one customer’s proprietary product to another customer.
If you are searching for a cleaning product, we probably are already making it, but just don’t have it listed. Got questions? Contact us here.