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Our primary goals are: product quality, product innovation, product consistency and customer satisfaction.  For a list of our products, click here.


We provide solutions for industry!


We offer Toll Manufacturing, Private Labeling, Chemical Analysis and Consultations.


Toll Manufacturing:

This process involves chemical raw materials that are supplied by the customer and blended at our plant, according to our customer's specifications for a set fee or toll.  Our toll manufacturing approach provides unique services for customers requiring multiple services among one or numerous products in one container size or varying sizes.  We can provide laboratory research, feasibility analysis, cost/benefit analysis, process development and multi-tiered services from startup to commercial quantities.


Private Labeling:

Private Labeling: This process involves labeling, producing, and packaging our customer’s products at our plant.   However, instead of using Nytrex’s product labels, we would use the customer's labels, containers, shipping papers, etc.   


Own Your Brand
The single best way to protect your profit margins in a highly competitive marketplace is to offer an exclusive brand. Customers will demonstrate their loyalty to a product that works by continuing to buy it, even when cheaper alternatives are available. When you offer a private label, that brand loyalty translates into sales for you.


Customize Your Formula
Technicians at Nytrex Industries can adjust the formulation of your private label chemical products to achieve whatever price/performance combination you prefer. Product color and fragrance can be adjusted to further differentiate your private label products from the competition.


Control Packaging
When you contract with Nytrex Industries to produce your private label chemical products, you can choose from a variety of package types and sizes. You can design the private label or Nytrex Industries can assist you with your label to meet your needs.


No Extra Charge
Best of all, Nytrex Industries offers our basic private labeling service at no additional charge.   In some cases, a small fee may be required for custom private label set-up, etc. when a basic private label is insufficient.     For more information, contact us.



Chemical Analysis and Consultation:

Nytrex's chemists and operations support staff have over 55 years experience in the development and production of cleaning chemical products. Our professional staff is available to tailor our personalized customer service to your particular needs. These services include:

  • Regulatory Compliance Assistance
  • Comprehensive Costs Analysis
  • Focus of Problem Solving to increase Results for our Customers
  • Full Line R & D Lab and QC Lab
  • Custom Formulation Assistance
  • Fast and Dependable Service
  • For other services, just contact our service team at (478) 254-3036